Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ford Escape 2013 Compact, affordable price

All New 2013 Ford escape, Is an affordable compact SUV

So many changes in the appearance of the car, so it seemed interesting as a whole, this is arguably the best SUV on the market at this time, of course, because this car has many advantages.

Many of the fundamental difference between the All-New Ford Escape 2013  with the previous generation. Many advantages of this car, be sure the car is comfortable to drive, because the handling is very convenient to the cities, like a small car. This car also has a large luggage space, high-quality cabin and the seats are very comfortable for all passengers ..

For technology, this car no doubt, because it is equipped with high technology increasingly make passengers comfortable. Available interior Ford Sync technology and Syncron with MyFordTouch and car safety standards level above its rivals, such as rear parking assist and blind spot monitoring with cross-traffic alert.
In terms of engines, has a very smooth engine, and of course with Ecoboost technology, presenting an economical fuel consumption.

Pros & Cons
Handling a comfortable, similar to a small car
economical fuel consumption, while 4-wheel drive system menggunkanan
interior room and a comfortable seat
MyFord Touch infotainment system is less friendly
• The machine is less powerful
Fickle motion-activated liftgate

Ol der variants
  • 2012 Ford Escape
  • 2011 Ford Escape
  • 2010 Ford Escape
  • 2009 Ford Escape
  • 2008 Ford Escape
  • MazdaMX-5 Miata
  • Toyota RAV4
  • MazdaCX-5
  • Honda CR-V
Hopefully this article about the All-new 2013 Ford Escape can be useful for you. Thanks yours respectfully

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