Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tips to Overcome the fungus on windshield

Clean the windshield first
Speaking of fungus, when to mix food would be delicious, but when it comes to auto glass, it will make the car look worse and cause blurred vision.

The cause of the fungus on the car windshield, either because the water is too often dries itself on the surface of the windshield, if it is too severe, the parasite can not be removed with a single treatment, but must be done repeatedly therapy.


Cause of fungus the windshield not only from rain water, plain water can be a cause of yeast, therefore it is not recommended to wash the car in the hot sun, or the car is still in hot conditions.
Use of car shampoo. Use of this liquid is powerful enough to make the car look a killat, but remember, once finished glass hit shampoo wash, do not wait long to flush with water, and do not let the water run dry himself.

wipe with a clean cloth
Well, if your car has been exposed to the fungus hasty glass, immediately wash, to clean the mold on the glass to use the medicine, which consists of two types (liquid and viscous)

but you need to pay attention to the type of your car, whether japanese or european car, because there are differences in the use of drugs against both types of cars, usually on european cars use this type of gore, and for japanese cars use liquid type. But if the drug can be used in european cars means it can also be used on japanese cars. Sample only autoglym products made in the form of thick can be used for european cars.

Causes of the european car widshield can not be used arbitrarily because the product has a special coating. But the japanese auto glass has a special coating as well, it's just different to the european car glass layer, this layer serves to reduce the beam so that the driver's eyes are not dazzled.

Effects of drug use windshield mold cleaner, use of these drugs can also lead to effects that are not good, if dipaka in a long time, this drug will make a layer into a thin glass film car, and will result in attenuation of the light will be reduced.

So for the car owners can avoid the use of windshield cleaning fluid fungus by avoiding mildew in auto glass ..

This article comes from tabloid automotive to change a word from me, hopefully windshield care tips article, addressing the fungus on the windshield .. Can be useful for you, thanks yours respectfully

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