Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tips Using Radiator Flush

prestone radiator flushIn Lubricants stores or auto accessories, often we come across a radiator flush. This fluid contains anti-corrosion materials used to remove the remnants of crust found in the water lines inside the radiator.
Since we already know that the crust would cause problems, such as leaking radiator, stuck thermostat, bad water pump, to the disruption of water circulation, to prevent the occurrence of corrosion on the radiator, the radiator should be drained at least every 6 months, or once a year service ..

how often  to perform radiator flush By perform service on the radiator, will note the damage and irregularities early, so that preventive measures can be taken, which is certainly more economical than taking a risk in the future.

To drain the radiator, it would be better if you use the radiator drain fluid that can be purchased at car accessories shop with a wide selection of brands and prices.


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How To Flush Your Car Radiator
  1. Find a container to hold the radiator fluid, provide a container in accordance with the amount of water in the radiator of your car, at least two gallons of liquid. Make sure your vehicle is cold, and properly secured. Apply the parking brake. 
  2. open the radiator cap. Open drain on the bottom of your radiator. Move the container to hold the liquid radiator, wit until the  water runs out. 
  3. note if your radiator fluid dark or brown in color, then you must do the draining, if coolant is still green, orange or yellow (the color of the radiator coolant) you can skip step 4.
  4. Close petcock and pour the radiator flush liquid on the radiator, add water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Start and run the engine until warm (about 15 minutes), and then repeat step 2.
  5. Then, fill the radiator with new coolant water. Restart the engine while play  the gas pedal a little up to 2,000 rpm. The objective is to minimize the gap of air trapped  in the cooling path If the water is reduced, add coolant to the radiator until it is full and closed. When the car was equipped with a bleeding bolts, you just need to open 1/4 turn and let the engine work. If air bubbles coming out has been replaced with a blast of water, cover and turn off the engine immediately. Meaning, the replacement process has been completed.
This article was sourced from Tabloid Otomotif, with a few changes of my words. hopefully this article about radiator flush can be useful for you, thanks yours respectfully ...


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