Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emergency tips to overcome overheating radiator

Overheating radiator.Perhaps you have or are experiencing this problem on your car. surely you will be confused if this happens, usually this happens when the car is stuck in traffic or are carrying heavy loads, or in a state of the ramp at high RPM.

Characteristics when this happens, temperature indicator on the car showing the level of half or even close to the upper level (HOT). Usually the car driver would stop his car in order to rest the engine for a while. It is meant to lowering the radiator temperature. But this is sometimes not much help. Because, once the engine on the run again not long after that the radiator temperature will rise again. Well if this happens to your car, possibly a sign there is a problem in the radiator or engine of your car.

There Are some tips you can try to overcome this problem. These is an emergency tips but quite enough to help, just before you stopped the car to radiator service shop for repairs.

Air conditioning Extra fan.
This component you can make an emergency cooling to the overheating radiator

method, you must
disconnect the negative stun compressor. Enough, then after you do this step, you'd just run your car as usual, and note the temperature of your car radiator.

In principle the tips above help cooling radiator, which is obtained of wind gusts extra fan AC. because, the work principle of AC is to cool the car cabin. And distribute heat into air conditioning condenser. So that, if the negative cable off. The compressor condenser practically will not work. Because, do not get a current anymore, well extra fan blowing will help cool the radiator.

But you must remember, these tips emergency, not for long. Immediately check the radiator to a radiator repair shop. Because it could be a clogged radiator or a problem present in your engine.

This article was sourced from the Otoplus tabloid edition 27. 26 des 2011-1 Jan 2012.
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