Thursday, June 28, 2012

Suzuki Jimny Katana. Reliable Jeep

Also Called
Suzuki Caribbean
Suzuki Katana
Suzuki Potohar
Suzuki SJ410
Suzuki Samurai
Suzuki Santana
Suzuki Sierra
Suzuki Jipsu

Suzuki Jimny Katana. Reputation as a small jeep of all time is no doubt. Still found many this car with look that still clean, so the desire to have it. Gasoline consumption is economical and easy maintenance is required to be considered. Impression simple but masculine. But before you hunt to get this Jimny, you should first understand strengths and weaknesses of this Japanese jeep.

Friends at the workshop have never found serious damage. Usually the typical problem of this car is in Platina. This ignition device should get extra attention. And the position of the fuel filter near the right rear wheel is prone to fall out. But for the Jimny Suzuki Katana over the year 2000, it added protection from the factory.

Disadvantages of this Jimny:
Engine power is less powerful, because it is in terms of a small cylinder volume. Same as the City Car, such as the Nissan March is also a cylinder volume of 1000 cc.
The suspension damping is rather hard, as a result from the use of a leaf.
Narrow cabin
The position of the rear passenger seat is less comfortable.
Economical Fuel
Spare Part Is A Cheap Price
Easy Maintenance
The Sale Price Is Stable.

Data Specifications Suzuki Jimny Katana
Engine Type: SOHC F10A
Number of cylinders: 4 in line Capacity 990 cc
Fuel system: carburetor
Maximum power: 55 hp
Transmission: 5 Acceleration manual

Price Spare Parts

Air filter: IDR55 000
Fuel filter: IDR30 000
Spare Plug: IDR15, 000 x 4
Canvass Brakes Front: IDR70 000 / Set
Rear brake lining: IDR70 000 / Set
Tie Rod: IDR275 000
Long Tie Rod: IDR 450 000
Steering Tie Rod: IDR 700 000

Simulation Credit costs:
OTR price of 52.5 million.
Tenor of 3 years (36 months), then the TLO Insurance 2.12625 million, plus the cost of Adm. IDR900,000. Total first payment would include the first installment: IDR 17,569,875

This article was sourced from Tabloid Otomotif, with changing the word from me, hopefully the article about the used car Suzuki Jimny Katana Gx 2000 can be helpful and useful for you. Thank Wassalamualaikum.

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