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Suzuki Sx4 X-Over Automatic driving impression

Suzuki Sx4 X-Over Automatic
Also called
Changan-Suzuki SX4
Maruti Suzuki SX4
Suzuki Liana (Queensland, Australia)
Suzuki Neo Baleno (Indonesia)
Having a fairly high ground clearance, making it tough car to passing all-terrain. both in town and out of town. Engine is responsive and reliable capability. Car handling is steady, and tough through all the contours of the road.
But there are a few things to consider before you buy this crossover car.

Try to feel sitting in the rear seat passengers, most people claimed a narrow leg room and seat position is too upright. Causing the rear passengers will feel tired, especially when traveling long distances. Then, consider the wheel sector, usually with high ground clearance and large tires. The previous owner must go around beat up the existing holes in the streets. Especially checks on the Tierod and Long Tierod, is still functioning properly or it's time to be replaced.

Steering system.
This car already using the Electronic Power Steering (EPS), where the main power source to drive the Power Steering, obtained from electric current. That from a car battery. So, do not overload engine work. But the EPS system has its own weaknesses. Plastic pads on the steering rack systems are often damaged. Which cause, the sound of the collision metal, especially as it passes through bumpy roads or potholes.

Data Specifications.
length: 4135 mm
Width: 1755 mm
Height: 1605 mm
: 2500 mm
Clearance: 175 mm
weight: 1650 kg

type: DOHC 16 Valve VVT
Volume of the cylinder
: 1490 cc
x steps: 78 mm x 78 mm
power: 100 ps/6000 RPM
Max torque of 133 kgm / 4000 RPM
Fuel system: Multi Point Injection
The fuel tank
capacity: 50 liters
: 4 Speed ​​Automatic Transmission.

Steering sector
Front Brakes
: Ventilated Disc
Rear brake
: Drum
Front suspension
: Independent McPherson Strut
Rear suspension:
Torsion Beam
Types of
tires: Front 205/60 R16, Rear 205/60 R16

a high ground clearance
system is integrated with the steering, so easily operated from the steering wheel only.
engine power.

The drawback

Rear seat is less comfortable
Steering often problematic

Measuring the cost of service.
Looking at
the warranty book, Suzuki SX4 at the recommended servicing every 10,000 km.
first 30,000 km, service items acquired; Replacement Oil, Oil Filter, Fan Belt, Radiator service, and Tune-Up. Fees charged about IDR 985 000. Entered 40,000 km, which received the same menu as 30,000 km service, just that there are additional services, draining and replacing the brake fluid. At a cost of IDR 994 000.

Simulation Cost Car Loan.
Price of the car
in the market is still around IDR 140 million. If you take the loan period of 3 years,
have to pay a deposit of IDR 28 million, or 20% of the selling price.
While for the
installment each month, you have to pay IDR 3,951,111.
for the first payment, you are required to pay IDR 39,778,111.
, to pay insurance all risk, Administration and Provision. So the selling price of IDR 140.000.000 it for a down payment (20%) is IDR 28 million. with the installment of IDR 3,951,111, plus all risk insurance IDR 5.702 million, plus the administration of IDR 1.125 million, and the provision of IDR 1,000,000, the total paid IDR 39,778,111.
lotec Auto Car, Jakarta. Phone 021-2184593210.

Component Prices
Oil Filter: IDR 85 000
Air Filter: IDR 150 000
1 Set Fuel Filter + Fuel Pump: IDR 3 Million
Front Brake: IDR 800 000
Rear Brake: IDR 787 000
Tierod: IDR 140 000 X 2
Long Tierod: IDR 730 000 X 2
Sources: Suzuki Kalimalang, Jakarta 021-86903019

This article was sourced from Tabloid Otomotif, November 2011, with the change of words from me, hopefully the article about the Suzuki SX4 X-Over A / T 2007 can be helpful and useful for you.. Thank Wassalamualaikum.

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