Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Automatic Transmission Cars Hard To Reverse

Tips To Overcome The Automatic Transmission Cars, Hard To Reverse

 automatic transmission problemDefinitely taking automatic car ever undergo this certainly making misgivings and confused, because the favorite car is in reverse position (R) but the car would not resign. Actually this can be caused by many factors, ok let us discuss one by one.

Control Valve And, Solenoid Valve, and Valve Body.
this is the component that governs the distribution of the transmission oil pressure. When the appliance is dirty, it causes the symptoms of slippage in the transmission of the car.
You should know, the automatic transmission relying on fluid pressure, which when closed just a little dirt it will immediately hang. If these components have been checked or cleaned there are still symptoms of slippage, it will inevitably have a total overhaul of the transmission, to check the clutch plates, is it still suitable to be used, or there is a problem in the control valve body and valve body.

Automatic Transmission Oil Volume.
This one is often forgotten by the owner of the car, an amount below the proportion of transmission oil, will cause a problem, because it is required to reverse more oil volume (based on level) from the forward position

Car are rarely in use.
This is also not good for the car. Like human beings, if the lack of movement it will cause disease. car should not just heated, but the car also needs to be steered to lack at least 30 minutes If the car is rarely used transmission oil change should be faster than recommended in the service book, to avoid oxidation and decreased quality lubricants dramatically.

Hopefully, this article on Tips to Overcome the Automatic Transmission Cars, Hard To reverse can be useful and helpful for you, Thanks wassalamualaikum.

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