Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Driving Tips For Pregnant Women

Well for pregnant women pregnant does not mean you become distracted driving activity instead, just that there are a few things to note for your mother while driving on the road. Hormonal changes in women, when pregnant an important concern when driving, be advised that the condition makes the physical and psychological changes. In general, pregnant women allowed to drive, should be adjusted with the age of the womb.

Strive atmosphere around the mother who was pregnant at the conditioning comfortable and relaxed, from the driving position until tolerance is the allowed time, remember not more than 1 hour in the cabin to relax and try not to trigger tension while driving. There are several important points that should be known by pregnant women.

For expectant mothers in their early pregnancy
you should recognize your condition, a situation that triggers hormonal changes such as cravings and often nausea. and generally at this age is not too problematic, But in certain cases the condition of 0-3 months of pregnancy is a miscarriage-prone age. When the age of pregnancy over 7 months, driving frequency must be limited, should rely on the driver or relatives.
Age of pregnancy, avoid shocks in the uneven road, as this triggers excessive contraction. Should avoid driving for long trips  in addition to triggering tension, can also result in less healthy for the womb.

Seat belt usage for Pregnant Women.
Adjust the height of the seatbelt, do not get across the neck because of the risk of death. Adjust the height of head restrain to prevent neck injuries in case of collision. For the correct use of seat belts, which is circular between the neck and shoulder (collarbone) through a bit of chest? While the rope coiled at the bottom of the hip bone and not on the stomach. Pregnant women were obliged to use a seatbelt, because it does not suppress the stomach or womb, but a circular on the hip bone below the navel.

Hopefully this article on Driving Tips For Pregnant Women can help and be useful for you, yours respectfully thanks...wassalamualaikum...

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