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Maybe you've had trouble on this one, especially if your Panther car mileage has approximately 60,000 km.  the noise usually appears at high speed. Some owners think there is a problem on the tires that are bald, but when the tire is suspected is replaced, there was still buzzing. Preferably if it happens then do a check on wheels bearing.

For this inspection you should request services subscription service station, because this work is a bit troublesome, and prepare a new axle seals. Because to check, had to damage the axle seals and the price is not expensive IDR 25 thousand ranges. So, for both wheels need the money of IDR 50 thousand. And use the original Parts.

Well if
after inspection it turns out the problem arises from wheels bearing, it must replace it. For the price of the original wheels bearing Panther valued IDR 154 ​​thousand per unit. It could be broken only one. But not infrequently, But not infrequently 2 bearing is damaged. For these services valued at authorized workshops ISUZU IDR 350 thousand.

O Yeah the number of miles, do not be so used as a benchmark, because the life of components are not only determined by the kilometer, but also determined by the attitudes of driving, cargo load, the road, and also the quality of the component itself. Because it could be, you buy a used car, and by the previous owner replaced with non-original parts, of course, useful life of these parts is not too long.
So if you already have the above characteristics, and noticed kilometers far from 60.000 km, do not take the risk to delay repairs or component checks. Just take immediate action to repair or checking, especially around the wheel problem. The important thing is when driving a quiet and arrived at the destination safely.

This article was sourced from Tabloid Otoplus 43 edition, 18-24 April 2011, with the change of my word. Hopefully this article on Problem PANTHER buzzing while speeding can be useful for you, Thank you Wassalamualaikum.

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