Monday, June 25, 2012

Car HID / Xenon Lamp Maintenance.

HID (High Intensity Discharge) is increasingly prevalent use in the car.  Not infrequently a car made in Japan, Korea, even China has been using these lights. Indeed, only the European-made cars that uses it in the past.  As BMW is already using a Xenon bulb (BMW called HID with Xenon) since the E46 in 2000's.  Japanese cars started using it sometime in 2010.  Ranging from luxurious variants until variant with IDR 200 million price ranges, such as the Toyota Vios or a Suzuki SX-4.

There were many advantages of this type of bulb, which obviously generates much brighter light, with the use of small wattage. Clearly a useful life longer than Halogen bulb. If from its shortcomings, it is clear in terms of higher prices.
Light bulb pricing examples for Vios G Series, price list is IDR 1.773 million per unit, and for the BMW price IDR 6 million per unit, amazing prices offered instead.

Another disadvantage is the Ballast. This device should not be exposed to water. This device functions to raise the voltage to be thousands of volts, so if exposed to water will be damaged.
Same as the lamps at home, also using ballast. If it is damaged then the lamps will not turn on...

Keep away this device from the water, for example if you pass a high flood that was almost on the area around the head lights, or washing the car with high pressure water....
So for those of you who have HID headlights on your favorite car as you notice this lamp maintenance.

This article was sourced from Tabloid Otoplus 10/IX 20 111, with some changes of my words. Hopefully article about Car HID lamp Maintenance Tips. Can be helpful and useful for you, Thank you Wassalamualikum.

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  1. This is great information. I had no idea that when you install hid kits you have to take special care of them. As much as it would be a pain, I still think the benefits are worth it.


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