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Strange Sounds Honda Jazz/Fit

Problem. 2005 Honda Jazz/Fit VTEC Automatic Transmission when backwards without stepping on the gas pedal heard "crick-crick-crick" is pretty hard from the direction of the engine, and cars such as loss of power.But then normal again by itself.

This also happens when the position of gear in: D "or" S ", when the early start without stepping on the gas. Or, in the position of the car is running or crawling with half-stepping on the brakes. Then the same sound came from the engine. Sound like, when we use a Manual Transmission car, which uses high gear to walk slowly (knocking).
However. the symptoms sound is lost when stepped on the gas, And the vehicle is moving normally.

After the Car was taken to the Authorized Repair Shop, Car Mechanic with a Scanner Analyzes, and concluded that the IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) is damaged. This component serves to; regulate engine rotation (RPM) in order to remain stable.

1.What are the main functions of the IACV, and what causes IACV damage?  Is it because of a late replacement air filter, or indeed of age, or are there other causes?

IACV is a solenoid valve.  In charge of controlling the air supply to the plenum intake.  This valve, located next to the throttle valve, and work to maintain the Engine Rotation  stationary.
When stationary, gas skep fully enclosed. this valve is passing air into the engine is set to be fit.
For example. when AC is turn on, meaning the engine load increases, and the valve is open. so the stationary rotation rise to the engine is not dead.

And the factor of age, the name electronic item, it can be damaged suddenly. But the mechanical movement of the valve can also be hampered by the crust and dirt. For example the valve jam, continue to keep open or close. Because its movement is blocked crust or dirt. Because it deals with the Entrance Channel, dirt and crust could have formed. And a dirty air filter can be one cause.

1. What affect this abnormal IACV on a Car? And whether it should be replaced immediately or whether there is tolerance time?  And what are the most severe effects if not replaced soon?
Influence. Course on the stationary rotation. Characteristics if it is broken is when AC is turned on, the engine rotation does not rise.

2. What is, there is another solution for this car, because the price reached IDR 2 million?
Before disassemble IACV, we can recognize the signs first. If the machine sounds it, because it really knocked it or not. Usually though the engine RPM down because the idle-up air conditioning does not work, the engine rarely knocking.

If there are no signs of abnormal engine speed means there is no damage to this component. Also do check the engine mounting. Because if not good enough can cause vibration and sounds. Also check the other component, which knew something was loose.

Also could be the sound of Transmission Components, Honda Jazz / Fit Automatic Transmission often sounds like this.

This article was sourced from Tabloid Otomotif (from the consultation section) edition of 42: XIX 18 to 24 February 2010, with the change of my word. I hope the article on Strange Sounds in the Honda Jazz/Fit, can be helpful and useful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum.

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