Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Suzuki SX 4 AC Problem

This post about Suzuki SX 4/Maruti Suzuki SX4/Fiat Sedici. That Experiencing problems with the AC Compressor that sounds rude. Perhaps for those of you who experienced the same problem, this post may help. Below is the problem.

1.Is this car air conditioning compressor is problematic?
True that the Car Air Conditioner Compressor is problematic. In this device, there is a tool called Magnetic cloth. Magnetic cloth works by connecting the compressor shaft, with the Pulley.
At the time AC off, the Pulley and the shaft at the compressor is not connected, so although the pulleys rotating, compressor does not work.
Once the AC is on. Magnetic Cloth it received the current and exciting the Pulley, in order to deliver rotation to the compressor. So that the air conditioning worked and become cold.
Well the sound of "tap tap", that is sound of magnetic cloth. Indicating an active compressor. And do not have to worry about the broken compressor because it is very common. But if allowed, would cause long-term effects. Especially in Magnetic cloth which will first be damaged.

Repairs. check the air conditioning device, and its supporting component. Because the Up and down Engine Rpm surely along with the sound of "tap tap". It could also be from the throttle body, which is not good. So that engine Rpm down or it could be from the Air Conditioning Thermostat.

2. Does this problem can be known with Engine Scanner?
Use of Scanner Engine only for checking electronic devices such as Sensors. But if the damage to the Mechanical Devices, need to check manually.

3. And the is the normal RPM idle for this car? 
Ideal RPM for this car is 800 RPM. This article is a collection of consulting that come from Tabloid Otomotif 31 December 2011 edition.

Hopefully this article on Suzuki SX 4/Maruti Suzuki SX4/Fiat Sedici AC Compressor That Sounds Rude "tic-tac" can be helpful and useful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum

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