Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Honda Jazz/Fit Brake Problem

This post is about the Honda Jazz / Fit Matic 2007 which having problems at the wheels. Which vibrates, after replace the brake pad. Perhaps for those of you who experienced the same problem, this post can help.

When the car brakes vibrations arise fairly hard, but after the replacement of front brake vibration is reduced, and even disappears. But after a month of use vibration comes back...

1. Whether the problem comes from the brake or the suspension? Vibrations that appear on the car when the brake pedal is used, is due to Disc or Disc Brakes that have been not flat.  As the use Disc Brake, Brake Lining can be eroded

In addition to its eroded unevenly, Disc can also transform. Meant Disc Brake which previously flat-shaped become a bit bumpy. This could be due to exposure strange objects or any other cause. Such as Heat during braking, heat can change the metallurgical structure of the Disc, so that the dimension is also changed.
Due to the uneven surface of the Disc's, so the brake pedal pulsating when stepped on. Then was shaking when it is severe or when braking at high speeds.

If the Disc Brake condition has not been severe, replacing the Brake Canvas (Brake Pad) with a new one that relatively soft could reduce the vibration. Because a new soft canvas can absorbed the vibration. Alternatively, you might as well replace the Disc Brake, or Lathe a Disc Brake, to Flatten Disc Brake.
And to the Disc Brake a Lathe, choose by directly from the Wheel Lathe. Do not a Lathe by bring the Disc Brake to the Turner, because the results are not optimal or it does not recovered.

This article is a collection of consulting that come from Otomotif Tabloid Edition June 8 2011, by changing the word from me. Hopefully this article on, Honda Jazz/Fit Matic 2007 Vibrate after replace the Brake Canvas (Brake Pad), can be helpful and useful for you. Thank You wassalamualaikum ...

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