Thursday, June 14, 2012

ALL NEW HONDA JAZZ only Minor Model Change

Been a while All-New Honda Jazz is present in Indonesia, since the launch in June 2008. There has been no significant change over the years, while other brands release new model after another. Like the Toyota Yaris, which in a short time will change the look. And maybe in this opportunity, PT. Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) in May issued a new model, in order not lose with competitors as well as refreshment.

Pointed light. all-new Honda Jazz which was first launched in Thailand and Malaysia earlier this year, is MMC (Minor Model Change). But it is definitely better looking than the previous model .. Most striking is the view from the outside, which is now more stylish and sporty impression, even though not much change in the head lights only.
The model is now more pointed with reflector headlights, turn signal and fog lamps new form, surrounded by silver, makes more sporty appearance.

Because the shape headlights changed, then the engine hood (bonnet) take to adjust the lamp shell design, while the grill is designed with both the head lamp attached so that the look together and look more sporty. Moreover, the feel of the chrome trim on the edge of the grill removed, now there is just a symbol of Honda (H). Overall, this Jazz front design adopted from the Jazz / Fit hybrid that was introduced in Japan last year... Its sporty appearance looks at the bumper. Aerodynamic design and a dark-colored grille widened and equipped with fog lamp (Type RS), a blend of harmony, on the front.

Front looks cool, what about the back?
Bumper design which totally changed, making the body behind the All New Honda Jazz MMC is also sportier. Look at the shape of the bumper, is unique because there are two horizontal vents. The more cool again, after a set of lamps reflector under the bumper to be a sweetener but also an important factor for safety.
All New Honda Jazz New Head unit. You will notice a change in the cabin, ambience that is orange on the three button of Air Conditioning System Setting, according to the color of the speedometer glow. Seats Material. replaced by new with a rather light colored material.  In addition, hand rest coating material in both the front door take part in the change to the color of the seat. And Double-DIN head unit it was already replaced by KENWOOD DPX-U5120, which is equipped with USB and iPod connector.

While the mainstay of
ALL NEW HONDA JAZZ features against other hatchback not eliminate, example Paddle shift, Ultra Seat, ABS, EBD, and Brake Assist, and others. Unfortunately, VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) technology which is All-New Jazz new feature in Malaysia and Thailand is not included on the Indonesia market. Think of the Honda, this feature is not needed in Indonesia.
And in the matter of color, there are two fresh colors which is Fresh lime Green and Blue. On the engine sector, the same as the previous generation 1500 cc I-VTEC.

This article was sourced from Otomotif  Tabloid May 2011, with the change of my word. I hope the article on the ALL NEW HONDA JAZZ MMC can be helpful and useful for you... Thank wassalamualaikum

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