Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nissan Livina Squeaking Sound, Heavy electric power steering.

This posting about the Nissan Grand Livina, that issued a squeaking sound when turning on the AC. Maybe for those of you who experienced the same problem, this post may help you. The following question

Why when turning the Car AC, causing squeaking sound?
Squeaking sound that occurs when the Air Conditioning turn on is a symptom of a Belt that is no longer perfect. This Belt serves as a rubber player some components of the engine accessories, such as Water Pump, Alternator and AC Compressor.
If the belt is loose or the belt condition is not good anymore, can cause slippage and produce loud squeaking noise. Especially when exposed to loads such as, turning on the AC. this will give the load on the engine via a rubber Belt. So that when the Belt moves slippage occurs.  You can check and see the tightness of the belt. if Belt (rubber belts) is cracked,  should be replaced.

2. Why went retreated to the parking lot, the steering feels heavy, like there's no power steering? And about the weight of the wheel, usually when the car stops, steering is generally heavy at first. Try to compare it with the same car. If your car has more heavy, there may be something wrong with the electric motor power steering. And to check this problem you can ask for help your subscriptions workshop, or rely on Dealer...

This article is a collection of consulting that come from the Otomotif Tabloid 03 May 2011 Edition, with the change of my word. I hope the article on the Nissan Grand Livina squeaking Hard, and Heavy steering can be helpful and useful for you... Thank you wassalamualaikum.

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