Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This car is very popular with women, and for the second hand unit is not hard to find, because available on used car showroom. This car was imported directly from Japan CBU (completely built up), and formally present in Indonesia in November 2005, SUZUKI SWIFT is a tough competitor TOYOTA YARIS and HONDA JAZZ.

Suzuki swift available in 4-Speed Automatic Transmission and 5-Sped Manual. the car is released in two versions of GL and GT versions. GL version was launched in mid-2006, equipped with audio controls on only one side of the steering wheel, and has the look of a sporty front grille with honeycomb models. For terms Entertaintment GL version is fairly capable. being able to play the MP3 format and WMA format. And the GT version was also launched in the same year, and continue with the version of the GT2, GT3, GTS, and ST. This car carrying the 1493 cc DOHC VVT 4-cylinder.

This article was sourced from the automotive tabloid (insertion) no. 431 12-18 January 2012. with the change of my word. Hopefully this article on SUZUKI SWIFT can help and be useful for you in choosing a used car. Thanks wassalamualaikum ...

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