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used FORD ESCAPE 2.0 XLT economical version

Ford Escape 2.0 XLT. In the used car market, prices range from IDR 120 -135 million. Besides this car, SUV categorized 2000 cc that made ​​in 2002-2004, there is also the Suzuki Grand Escudo (IDR 97-113 million) and the Honda CR-V (IDR 135-150 million). For information, after the 2.0 Escape, Ford Motor Indonesia respectively presents Escape 2.3 and 3.0, to contribute to complement their product line-up. Although the lowest caste, the functional aspects, security and convenience offered by Escape 2.0 XLT variant not inferior to 2.3 and 3.0 variant. 

The difference is that the benefits presented by more efisisen fuel consumption, owner Escape 2.0 XLT claim this car average consumption in the city 1 the liter premium for 8 kilometers. Unfortunately, if the Suzuki Grand Escudo and the Honda CR-V has the option of Automatic Transmission version, this car only has a 5-Speed Manual Transmission options.

Ford Escape equipped with a space saver models spare tire, to optimize the trunk space and reduce the weight of the vehicle. Check the condition of the spare tire, to be ready to use and ensure completeness of the existing Tools on the panel cover.

AC Problem.  Is often spoken of the owner of the Escape, the problem is the AC  which cause a reduction, even the loss of cold Air-Conditioning after some time of use. Usually it is caused by blockage of an Expansion Hoses or Air Conditioning Drier

2.0 XLT variant have the completeness body which is exactly the same as 2.3 and 3.0 variants. . Like the roof rails are equipped with roof bars, body molding and fog lamp. Pay attention to all completeness body details, because not easily substituted. And in terms of the interior, although the interior plastic material quite prime, it is worth looking at the integrity of the parts. Same with details of body, interior detail is often difficult to find Instead. So make sure the interior parts complete.

As a modern SUV is the car is equipped with front-wheel drive. Do a road test to determine the condition of this car. Then look at the physical state of the front-wheel drive system components, especially the axle boot rubber. For engine oil, Ford recommends SAE 5W-20 engine oil for the Escape 2.0 Variant.

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This article was sourced from Tabloid Otoplus March 2011. Hopefully article about the FORD ESCAPE XLT 2.0 is useful and can helpful for you, Thank you Wassalamualikum.

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