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Hyundai Accent Verna, how to buy

Hyundai Accent Verna, this car is a second generation of the Hyundai Accent Indonesia outstanding market in 2003. This car is available in two transmission options, that is manual and automatic transmission, this car had an easy engine maintenance and the availability of spare parts are easily available.

Engine. Certainly if we look from years of production it can be ascertained if the car has a mileage of about 10.0000 to 15.0000 km.  to check the engine you can consider the condition of the gasket, if there is oil seepage. And check the exhaust smoke, if you get this car unit of black smoke and black soot in the exhaust pipe attached to the exhaust pipe wall, we can ensure that the engine is wasteful of fuel, and if you have the exhaust smoke from the exhaust tailpipe bluish white in color and wet with oil, then the possibility of piston rings or valve seals must be replaced. Sure is a good car with dry muffler without two things above. For the fuel consumption of this car can travel 9 km / liter

Transmission, learn the condition of the automatic transmission of this car, do road tests. Shifting should be soft without jerking symptoms, if any symptoms of jerking during gear shifting, means a sign of transmission problem. do kickdown by pressing the gas pedal fully, during the kickdown gear must go down to the car can accelerate quickly. Is very good if you do a test on ascent that is not too steep. the method, a car stopped in the middle of ascent and then let the engine rev stationary and gear in position D, of transmission must be able to keep the car did not reverse. And do not forget to check the transmission oil.

Features, is arguably the car features a complete, equipped with air conditioning, power windows, electric door mirror, tilt steering, fog lamp, central lock, and alloy rim is furnished as a standard car. Note the condition of the AC compressor, AC compressor should be suspected if the air conditioning does not cool the car, especially when the sound of snoring from the compressor. O yes you should not be surprised when this car not as cold air conditioning other Japanese sedan, this is normal for this car.

The suspension, notice if there are voices from under the car as it passed an uneven street or road, usually a component such as wheel bearings, tie rod, long tie rod, the drive shaft boot  has begun to malfunction, and you can check directly shockbreaker this car , if there is oil seepage on shock absorber,  is a sign shock absorber needs to be replaced

This article was sourced from Otoplus Tabloid edition: January 16 to 22 May 30, 2012, by changing the word from me. Hopefully this article on tips on choosing a used car Hyundai Accent Verna 2003-2006 can be helpful and useful to you. Thank you wasalam.

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