Tuesday, May 29, 2012

tips to buy used Chevrolet Estate LS 2008

Still remember the Chevrolet Optra, well the Chevrolet Estate LS  is a wagon version of it, the car is present in Indonesia in 2007-2009, although strangely has a better of cabin flexibility, the car is less sold on the market. Yet in addition to offering the flexibility of cabin, the car also offers features that are quite a lot, and when it comes to fuel consumption can be said efficient. This car may sell for less resale price plummeted and may imagine that the high cost of care, but not all variants of Chevrolet is expensive you know, just the Blazer family who was expensive to maintain.

Engine, the car is equipped with E-Tec II engine, capacity of 1600 cc, although smaller than the 1800 cc Optra, its power is also not too much different really, if the Estate-powered 110 hp, while the Optra 115 dk, different are only 5 dk. This is thanks to VGIS (Variable Geometry Intake System) technology. gasoline with 88 octanes and still be devoured by this car because it is only 9,5:1 compression ratio. About  the engine. if you get a 3-5 year old should consider components such as timing belt, for the timing belt should be replaced every 60.000 km, in addition to the AC compressor which is characterized by reduction in the cold in the cabin, because the compressor is congenital car from Korea so somewhat vulnerable to problems, if you want to change can be made Sanden brand, this brand is usually more durable. And also note the cylinder head gasket, because the original gasket this car seems to lack good quality.
Automatic transmission. In addition to 5-speed manual transmission there is also a 4-speed automatic variant, when it comes to gear ratio, this car was not designed for racing, but that favors a route out of town traveling at high speed, and if you try the transmission of this car, do a test roads, as well whether the transmission is only discovered when the car is on the run, see if there are buffeting or noise when the gear on the move from R, D, 2 and 1, and also note the shift should take place smoothly
Plastic Quality. This car is a product of the GM-Daewoo, alliance with Suzuki, is rebranding the brand Chevrolet, original products Korea heck this car, well for the quality of the plastic should recognize excellence the Japan or  europe products, for example head lamp plastic, the color has begun to dull.
Features. This car is rich in features, such as security features that include EBD, ABS, disc brakes on all four wheels and Immobilizer. if for comfort, no air conditioning, Central Door Lock, Foldable Mirror, 12 volt outlet, 16 storage, Roof rails, head unit with ipod connection and a USB slot. These auto parts are also cheap.

This article was sourced from Tabloid Otoplus 35/IX February 2012 edition, I hope the article on Chevrolet Ls Estate 2007-2008 This can be useful and helpful for you, thank you wassalamualaikum.

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