Monday, May 28, 2012


HYUNDAI AVEGA GX. Was best-selling car, from Hyundai products line-up.  With a lift back model makes access to the rear trunk becomes easier and more widespread. Car design is quite unique because it has become like a car lift back design of 90s, this engine is quite stubborn, powerful and fuel efficient enough..However, pay attention to the automatic transmission sector. If you have a problem, then gear position it'll be stuck in gear position "3", cannot raise or scaled back, can only be scaled if the engine is off. Then to note that the suspension sector, make sure there is no seepage of oil on the shock breaker rod, then when you hear a less wear on the suspension, means stabilizer bushing also been requested in the replace, or damage.

On the body, note on the door sector, do check the hinge part, whether functioning properly or not, especially on the rear trunk. Make sure the hydraulic shock is still in good shape. Surely though this car only has a standard engine technology, but not in the view of one eye because this car has the toughness and relatively little trouble.

Car Specifications data. Engine Capacity of 1495 cc, the engine configuration 4 cylinder in line SOHC 12 valve, and 4 speed ​​automatic transmission. With the advantage, having stubborn and quite responsive engine, also has a fairly roomy cabin and trunk fairly broad. In terms of Shortcomings is transmission often problematic, and need more attention from the suspension

This article was sourced from automotive tabloid November 2011, with the change of my word. Hopefully this article on HYUNDAI AVEGA GX AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION is useful and beneficial to you. Thank wassalamualaikum

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