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Toyota Altis Components Treatment.

Known Toyota Altis Components Treatment.

TOYOTA ALTIS. This car is known for tough, and has a roomy cabin, equipped with type 1 ZZ-FE known tough. In addition to lively, also fuel consumption is economical, it can take 1 liter to 10 km. as tough, it makes the owner of this car so careless attention. Well for those of you who read this post might be able to pay attention to this car components, such as some of the components below.

ENGINE BELT. This rubber belt drive the crankshaft pulley, alternator, and air conditioning compressors, clearly have a useful life of this belt. high temperature of the car and the movement of the belt regularly and sometimes extreme for many years, make a rubber material fatigue (brittle), characteristics can be seen from the edge of the cracked belt. Do not wait until the end of life or when the car is running, because the charging and AC will suddenly die. the price of replacement parts on sale at affordable prices, you can select one genuine Toyota, or the aftermarket. up to you to select which one, that good quality is important, since this component is very vital.

CAR BATTERY. Do not be lazy or reluctant to check the condition of this car battery, even though looks like a small box and capable of less than 50 Amperes, its function is vital to supply electrical current to all components of the car. Car Battery on average 2 years old, so when the beloved Altis have reached 8 years old, should have been 4 or 5 times a replacement battery, make sure you buy a good quality brand.

ALTERNATOR. Is a 12 volt DC power plant, which is in motion by the crankshaft pulley, the current from the alternator is used to recharge the car battery, even though the average age of the alternator quite a long time, still the connecting armature and the coil charcoal can be discharged because of age. For periodic servicing, do each one once a year,

This article was sourced from the Automotive Tabloid Edition Of 42: XIX February 2010. Hopefully this article on KNOWN TOYOTA ALTIS COMPONENTS TREATMENT can be useful and helpful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum.

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