Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mitsubishi Kuda Diesel Super Exceed 2001-2005

Mitsubishi Kuda 2001-2005 Super Exceed This car can you make a choice in selecting a used car, Diesel engine has a reliable and resilient. But that does not mean, do not have a shortage beyondthe excess.

If for this excess of Mitsubishi Kuda. In addition to the engine torque is great, also has a strong chassis, plus a relatively large cabin volume.
Lack of this car, in terms of the Spare-parts are rather expensive, and some owners have complained weak suspension, and quite wasteful for fuel consumption.

For Data Specification of this car, with 2500 cc of engine capacity, 4 cylinders in line configured, fuel injection system. If for the choice of transmission, 5 speed manual transmission is available.

Price of spare parts
Air filter Starting from: IDR 7000, and Oil Filter: IDR 85000, diesel fuel filters: IDR 65000, front brake lining: IDR110 000/set, for the rear brake lining: IDR 150000/set, tierod: IDR 190000/set, Long tierod: IDR 140 000/set.

Hopefully this article on a used car Mitsubishi Kuda Diesel Super Exceed 2001-2005 can be useful and useful for you, Thanks Wassalamualaikum...

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