Thursday, May 3, 2012

MAZDA CX 7 AUTOMATIC 2008 lack and escess.

2008 MAZDA CX 7 AUTOMATIC. In terms of view it seems nothing less than this car. The model is sweet far from being ferocious like other suv in its class. For engine power, this car also did not disappointing. Engine volume is 2300 cc equipped with a turbocharged. And as long as the car is outstanding in indonesia have been no complaints or typically problems that accompany this car.

Excess of this car is in the engine sector, has a large power output, a complete features cabin. This car also features a panoramic roof. And do not be disappointed for those of you who want to sell back, since the return price quite high and stable. The drawback is not much. Only of cabin space, which is rather narrow for suv class cars? And a rather low ground clearance.

Cost of service. My advice if you want to buy this car, you should bring to the authorized repair shop to do the overall inspection. Of course the authorized workshop, you can find a history of this car, using the scanner and if there are problems in car electrical sector may soon be known. In addition you can check the wheels and other components. For estimate the cost of repairs if any damage.

Data specifications

Engine volume 2300 ccs a, 4-cylinder inline plus turbocharged. This engine can spit out 244 hp maximum power. Which drawn with an automatic transmission. Available in 5-speed option for you.

Used MAZDA CX 7 credit simulations

Selling price: IDR 385000000
For Tenor of 3 years, then advance (Down Payment): IDR 77 million
Installments: IDR 1000960
Insurance: IDR 303 000
Administration: IDR 700000
Total first payment: IDR 117856000
Source KTA Finance, telp: 021 97800784

Fast moving spare parts prices
Air Filter: IDR 312 000
Filter gasoline: IDR274 000
Oil filter: IDR 60 000
Tie rod: IDR520 000 per unit
Front brake: IDR1775 000000
Rear brake: IDR750 000
Mazda Jakarta Selatan telp 02172896000

Source of Article, Tabloid Otomotif no. 438 1-7 March 2012. Hopefully this article on MAZDA CX 7 AUTOMATIC 2008 can be useful and helpful for you. Thank you, wassalamualaikum.

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