Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ford Everest better than Toyota Fortuner

Ford Everest. This is another mainstay of the Uncle Sam manufacturer of suv class. Market price of the car is relatively stable, are being extended price of IDR 130 million - 210 million, many of things that make this car is in great demand, especially in the engine 2.499 cc / 110 hp Which is powerful, especially in terms of look that seems more solid than the Ford Escape.

This engine is also quite tough and efficient. This car was issued in three versions of the XLT 4x2 Manual, XLT 4x2 Auto, Limited 4x4. All of these variants provide security features and complete comfort.

Even at the lowest feature (XLT 4x2 manual), already equipped convenience features such as Double Blower Air-Conditioning, Leather Shift Knob, Power Windows, Electric Mirrors. And for the safety features of there Double Air Bag, ABS-Equipped Brakes, Seat Belts For All Passengers. O yes many say if you drive a Ford Everest is more comfortable than the Toyota Fortuner Diesel, the rival of this car.

Excess of this car. Interior Relieved and roomy. Able to load many passengers. Double Blower AC pinned on this car, to cool the cabin is roomy and long. Also the engine is obvious in terms of tough and fuel save, as well as appearance is also not out of date. And also a tough suspension.

This car is one basis with the Ford Ranger Pick-up. That it is intended for off road vehicles, in terms of the suspension is definitely strong, but some owners complained that the suspension was a bit harsh. Actually this is reasonable because the car is still wearing the leaf spring suspension, which has a damping character a little hard, but fortunately this type of suspension is very minimal maintenance and reliable to carry heavy loads.

Also, a roomy interior on this Everest because of the length of 5 meters, the cabin only is able to accommodate 8 passengers without crowded.  And the rear seats can be folded so that it can to carry your necessities. But on the engine you have to look at Timing belt sector and back door. Back door was often problematic, because the spare tire that hangs in the back door, making the rear door hinges will quickly wear out. You better pay more attention to its hinge, at least you must often give oil or grease on the car door hinges.

For the Timing belt. This car timing belt replacement at 100.000 miles, so you need to be alert when the number odometer is approaching that number, especially if you frequently use this car on rough terrain, as do the replacement at 80.000 miles to be safe.

This article was sourced from the tabloid Otoplus edition 20, 7-13 November 2011. Hopefully this article on Ford Everest. Can be useful and helpful for you, Thank you Wassalamualaikum.

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