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All New HONDA JAZZ RS. Economical fuel consumption, and engine reliability, is also a model (larger than previous versions) are appealing to the excess factor. Do not be surprised the price is almost never fall in used car market, and even tends to stabilize. Well it is true, if you are looking for a good car for daily use, it is worthy car for choose.
Essentially. If every day routine to travel 40-50 km, not too burdensome on the cost of fuel. And about the car's suspension is fairly soft but still stable.

Engine. These cars use a engines with technology i-DSI and VTEC, the i-VTEC. Able to present a combination of efficient fuel consumption and great engine power.
Capacity of 1500 cc Engine was equipped with paddle shift feature. About the complaint, from the Honda workshop Data, and Honda mechanic, the car is not much of a problem. Only At driver side power window, which is often difficult to be elevated. You know this because of the dust, and because of this side which is often used. The solution is simply cleaned with penetrant liquid...

Engine performance is still maintained. Even after 3 years old, probably because the car parts quality is good
Comfortable cabin
Resale value is stable

Power windows sometimes problematic
Legroom is cramped, especially for passengers over 170 cm height

Measuring the cost of service. Treatments performed per 10000 km and major service over 60000 km. In authorized Honda workshops, for servicing fees at 10000km IDR 308000. Include engine oil change, tune-ups, general check-ups and brake service.
At 20 000 km service done which includes: checking and the replacement of engine oil, oil filters, and tune-Ups. General check-ups and brake service, service fee Rp 325 000.
Tips for you. Make sure HONDA JAZZ RS that you will buy just admitted HONDA authorized workshops. Because this will affect the resale value, if you want to resell this car.

Data Specifications
Engine capacity: 1500 cc
Engine configuration: 4-cylinder DOHC
Transmission: 5 speed A / T (automatic) with paddle shift. Available 5 speed M / T (manual) variant
Fuel Type: Premium

Honda Jazz Rs A / T 2008 Tax (IDR)
PKB: 2115000
SWDKLJ: 143000
Vehicle registration fee: 50000
Total: 2.308 million

List of fast moving spare parts prices (IDR)
Oil filter: 33 000
Air filter: 129 000
Fuel filter: 835 000
Tie rod: 275.000x2
Long tie rod: 292000x2
Front brake: 717 000
Rear brake: 717 000

Selling price: 190000000
DP 15% tenor of 3 years: 28.5 million
Installment: 5631000
Administration: 575 000
Deed flucida: 400000
Insurance combinations: 9699000
Total payment: 44805500 

This article was sourced of Automotive Tabloid Edition 396 May 2011, with the change of my words. Hopefully article about the All New HONDA JAZZ RS AUTOMATIC 2008, can be useful and helpful for you. Thank Wassalamualaikum  ...

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