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Honda Accord VT-i Automatic

Honda Accord VTI Automatic Transmission 2002. As a prestige sedan with sporty body, also similar impression encountered when you enter the cabin. Minimal problem when you get the previous owner of diligent care. Honda Accord remains a symbol of luxury and comfort in the range of products HONDA. Starts from Accord Maestro generation in the early '90s, the Accord stressed the aura of luxury.

Accord VTI whose status is still built-up it's no different than the local version. Its interior colored brown, and no Airbags, and seats are not leather. The engine, this car carries 4-Cylinder Inline Engine with a capacity of 2300 cc which is quite powerful.

Is great even in old age, matic transmission shift its not rough even practically smooth. And about Engine Problems, Honda Accord VT-i is practically negligible. Especially the previous owner diligent in care of this car. At least there at front suspension sector, which has weakened, and it is fair because who caused a long service life.
Engine capacity: 2300 cc
engine Configuration: 4 cylinder. Injection VTEC
Transmission: 4 speed Manual Transmission
Although the body is long but easy to control
Stern easy to look
Durable  suspension reduction
front Shock absorber had begun to decline
The color of some panels have started to fade
Most of owner complained that high of the cost care

Honda Accord VTI. Was a Prestige car with a range of Rp 100 million, could be good deals especially if you can hunt directly to the previous owner, it is possible to be much cheaper. Take the down payment (DP) illustration only 20%, by taking a two-year loan period, the monthly installment of just Rp 3.8 million. Mortgage rate could still be in the bargaining over the extended tenor or larger on the Down payment.  But do not forget that the administration and insurance must also take into account.....

Selling price: Rp 100 million
20% Down Payment: Rp 20 million
first Installment: Rp 3.8 million
All Risk Insurance: Rp 6.65 million
Administration: Rp 950 000
Total payments: Rp 31.4 million
Sources:  Mobil Auto Anugrah, kelapa gading Jakut. Telp: 021 45858149 via BCA finance.

Measuring Service Charges
You can measure the cost of service in accordance with the abilities and needs in terms of maintenance of this car. Here I will give a simulation of the cost of servicing and spare parts for this car, in accordance with the distance. For routine service Accord VT-i done per 10000 km.
At 10000 Km, 30000 Km, 50000 Km, and 70000 Km services cost Rp 288000.
On 20000 Km and 100000 Km, service cost Rp 504000. Major service is due at 40000 Km and 80000 Km. Services cost Rp 562000. Then at 60000 Km the services cost Rp 547000. But is just the price of services only; below I give the price list of spare parts...

Oil filter: Rp 33 000
Air Filter: Rp 146 000
Fuel filter: Rp 365 000
Front brake: Rp 469.00
Rear brake: Rp 281 000
Tierod: Rp 325 000
Long tie rod: Rp 176 000
Sources: HONDA Bintaro. Tel: 021 7457231

This article was sourced from the Otomotif Tabloid 02-08 February 2012, with the change of my word.
I hope This article on used car HONDA ACCORD VT-I AUTOMATIC can be helpful and useful for you.. Thanks wassalamulaikum...

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