Monday, June 11, 2012

Honda Jazz VTEC Choked up

On this post about the Honda Jazz Vtec A/T 2006 and 2005 Honda Jazz I-DSI. That coked up, and the selection of a suitable fuel. Maybe for those who experienced the same problem, this post may help.

Historically this car recently purchased about 2 months ago. Previous fuel use Pertamax and Pertamax plus. Due to various factors, this car uses premium fuel (not always Pertamax or Pertamax plus).

1. Can this car uses premium. If allowed, is there any adjustment on other devices, in order to keep optimal driving? The use of premium does not cause problems in engines, even better if you use high octane fuel. Such as pertamax (octane 92) or a Shell Super and others.

2. Can pertamax or pertamax plus blended with premium? And if necessary other changes, and what are the consequences? A case of mixing the fuel is not the problem, and no side effects at all, the fuel mixture, has a linear character. It will raise octane levels, accordance ratio of the two types of fuel mixture is.

3. Problem with the car is in gear the D (drive), and during acceleration at 1500 RPM rotation, there are symptoms of choked up. Even if forced, that seemed like jerk gearshift. Whether this is because the use of fuel as I do, or gearbox is damaged? Symptoms of stuttering should be in check, which is certainly not in terms of fuel.  

Things to keep in check are the fuel pump.
Fuel pump that already weak can make the engine a little choked up when the car starts moving. However, most likely derived from the automatic transmission

Oil that already dirty could be due to, because Honda jazz gearbox as very sensitive to dirty oil, because it can reduce the performance of the selenoid valves. as a first step, can do depleted and oil changes at the same time. And the second solenoid valve clean up, third. Does the replacement of oil filter automatic transmission, by performing transmission disassembly?

This article is a collection of consulting sourced from the Otomotif Tabloid 03 May 2011 edition, with the change of my word. Hopefully this article on the problem Honda Jazz VTEC / Automatic 2006 Choked up. Can be helpful and useful for you... Thank you wassalamualaikum...

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