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All about Belt Type and Its Use

All about Belt, the Type and Its Use
device comes in a car with the main task as the successor the power of the main shaft of the machine or the crankshaft, to another shaft that drives a variety of major appliances, as well as additional devices.

Although made of rubber, a lot of technology in the plant into it, so as to bear the burden of the engine, that heavy.

Types of car belt
Generally speaking belt in the Engine can be categorized into three; the first is the V-Belt and Rib Belt and Timing Belt.

V- Belt
is a belt with a cross section like the letter V, the current in the surface made ​​cogged or wavy, allowing the belt to bend.

Rib Belt
While Rib belt as a combination of several V belt in use one, the excess can be used for serpentine Belt, with lots of pulleys to move a lot of components.

Timing Belt
while the timing belt is a belt that is designed in such a way to synchronize the rotation between the drive pulleys to that driven pulley. Slightly different from the other two belts, that moves the pulleys, with the principle of friction.

Usually during the rainy season, often heard the sound of squeaking Belt, one way to eliminate the sound by spraying belt dressing. Uniquely, this step needs careful consideration, the actual use of belt dressing a lot for the industry. Since the engine cannot be stopped during production.
the process of maintenance, belt replaced immediately. In the car, really is not that important. Because the car could be stopped at any time for treatment is not it? Anyway this is the use of belt dressing is temporary. After that, the belt should be replaced immediately.

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  1. These belts are best for safety purposes but i recommend to take them off in case you are shipping your car to any new place via any of the auto transport companies.


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