Sunday, October 14, 2012

Electronic Power Steering, Not without restrictions

Power assisted steering or power steering system is the device mandatory on the steering wheel today. This technology allows the driver to maneuver, because the steering becomes lighter.
At first using oil, which hidarulis, aka oil pressure, but is now grown using electrical systems.

No longer using the oil pump pressure, but using electric motors that rely on battery power. Indeed, although the device is very compact in terms of construction, but there are some things that need to be aware of.

Wrong Treatment of Power Steering
Electronic power steering became so popular in small engined cars 1000 - 1500 cc, because the electric motor assist steering movements unrelated to the engine, because the power steering that uses sitem hydraulic, engine power can be reduced to 1 hp.

EPS factory made ​​for a long life, but due to wrong treatment of the car owner or driver, EPS can be a problem, and it is a device that uses electricity will never be detected when damaged, yet still no indicator lights on the dash cluster that will be lights when there are abnormalities in the sector of EPS.
And for the symptoms, can be as sudden heavy steering wheel, or the steering wheel vibrate when moved, it could be due to errors in the care or treatment, such as the use of wide rims and tires.

It could also be due to rough treatment when turning the steering wheel when parking, commonly occurs when the parking had to be done quickly. of EPS module is integrated with the electric motor in the steering column could not take command of a very spontaneous motion sensor, if it be a habit, of EPS would be short-lived.

While treatment in the of EPS is not much, there are :

1. Make sure the power cord socket of EPS source is always connected properly

2. also check the main fuse and the fuse supporter in top shape

3. be careful when crossing the flood.

Should be read :

Hopefully this article about the treatment of the Electronic Power Steering can be useful for you.Thanks yours respectfully.

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  1. I agree steering system of every vehicle is so important every auto shipper asks about its condition at the time of providing auto transport quote.


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