Tuesday, October 9, 2012

After Market Car Keyless Entry System

The rise of high technology in the saloon car, MPV or SUV Premium, often can only make the old car owner can only bite the fingers.

car keyless technology Call features immobilizer, keyless car systems and many others more. This technology makes the car a more clever, for old car owners who want to apply this technology to the car, can use aftermarket products in the market.

for cars in Indonesia. could try uncle sam domestic product, the product is sold in a single package, all five packages with each additional complementary features for Rp 1.8 million - 3 million. Basic kit, is a standard feature that is applied to all cars europe or asia.

Basic kit consists of an electronic module and a remote control and also have an alarm function apart from its main feature a keyless system.

car keyless kitThe main feature of Car Keyless Entry System itself consists of:

1. Auto door unlock, serves as opening doors automatically when the door is locked only by close the remote control that is in your shirt or pants pocket, car doors can be opened by slight touch of the handle opening while door is locked.

2. Instead, have a duty Auto door lock all four doors lock when the remote control away from the car, so if the car owner forgot to lock the door, will be locked automatically when the owner began to stay away the car, or when the remote no longer receive signals from the electronic module inside the car .

3. Keyless engine start, a feature favored because car owners no longer need to stick the key into the contact. And the last is a double feature security guards, which is a blend alrm system and Keyless off, battery indicator, remote turnk Opener, engine starter timer (diesel cars), adjusting volume, etc..

Indeed, this is the one technology that is increasingly easier lives.

Hopefully this article about the Car Keyless Entry System can be useful for you. Thanks yours respectfully.

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