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Proper Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance Tips
Many car users paying less attention to the condition of the tire on his car, whereas the role of components is very important. Many fatal risks that can result from conditions that are not optimal tire. Especially for a car that always drove on the freeway.
Because based on the operators of toll roads, toll biggest causes of accidents on the street is still dominated by the tire factor, for it remains important steps necessary for extra attention to four tires attached to the car.

There are some tire care tips you can do:

1.Standard Air pressure
Proper air pressure is in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, and to get better results, the addition of the wind on the tires performed when the tire temperature in cold conditions. For routine tire pressure should be checked every two weeks.
2. Balancing and spooring
this is a routine that is mandatory for car owners, spooring do any maximum limit of 10 thousand km mileage. Sign car should do spooring also be felt from control of the car feels unstable, and the physical condition of the tires are starting to show wear and tear.

3. Tire rotation
Rotating tires is one key to longevity of life. At least all the tires run concurrently, for a more simply, swap the front tires with the rear tires every 5,000 miles. On the distance that the wear rate is still below 1 mm, so that it can minimize the difference in tire wear front to rear tires.

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hopefully this article on Proper tire maintenace tips, in order to longer lasting tires. Can be helpful and useful for you. Thanks yours respectfully....


  1. To keep and eye on car condition especially on tyres is vital and this I came to know when I hired one of the auto transport companies for car transportation and faced issues because my vehicle tyre was punctured.

  2. Such a detailed guide for tire maintenance.. thanks for the share and time..

  3. Keep handy tire pressure gauge in your car toolbox whenever you are doing long trips.

  4. yups thats good idea, buy a litle one.

  5. I do think that the tire is one part of a vehicle that is exposed to several damaging factors. Thus, this really needs proper maintenance to make it last because we also have to admit that good quality tires are not cheap. Thank you for sharing all these tips. These are all very useful.


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