Wednesday, September 26, 2012


How to Select the right ENGINE FLUSH?
What is the function Engine Flush the engine?
How do I use Engine Flush?

Perhaps many do not know the function of engine flush, its function rather to clean the combustion chamber of the pile crust. So with this fluid, cleaning the combustion chamber can be done more easily, without the need to overhaul the engine.

Use of Engine flush is also has rules, we have to look at the ingredients, you should select the Engine flush containing conditioners, conditioners function is to care. so as not to damage the seal-seal performance which resides in engine, such as valve seals.

Of procedures need to be considered, if the engine flush routine use, it could be after the use of Engine Flush immediately poured new oil, as well as for the Engine Flush which already contains conditioner.

But there is still another way, after using the Engine Flush. entering the second oil as a rinse.

no need to be too expensive, as long as the specifications are not too much different. Well the choice is on you, you can follow these instructions, and can also follow the instructions listed on the packaging ..

hopefully this article on how to select and use proper Engine Flush can be useful for you. thanks yours respectfully


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