Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to detect a normal car brake heat

how to detect car brakes heatis normal on a rotating object, it automatically will be friction, which will result in heat. as well as going around the wheel, including the brake system. The heat is due to the friction between the brake disc and the disc, it is actually normal, Just how hot are categorized normal or abnormal.

brake calipers, as the cause of heat in the brake  There are simple tips to determine the level of heat that fair or not normal on the brakes.
In normal use heat on the brake disc, can be felt by holding the vehicle wheel rim, if they are still able to hold by the hand, means the normal brake heat (pict no 1). However, if you hold the wheel rim, and surprised the heat, then the heat generated is not normal.

If you notice an abnormal brake heat, it is necessary to watch out the cause this to happen, because the excess heat generated by the brake system is a sign that something is not right on the your car brakes.

Damage to the brake could happen because:

1. piston brakes jammed, this is due to the dirt that accumulate on the brake piston rubber seal.

2. Caliper bolt holders who did not return to the starting position, this will result in brake press brake discs continuously (pict no 2).

For more Simply, you should do the cleaning of your car brake system, when you do a brake replacement.

And it's good when you wash the car, do the watering with a high pressure water on the brakes and wheels, but remember you should never flush the brake when the brake temperature is hot, as this will cause warped brake disc.

Hopefully this article about damages arising to the car brake system, brake car care tips, how to detect hot brakes, can be useful for you. Thanks yours respectfully.

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  1. I often check my brakes and noticed that they are really hot after and long drive. Oh, well I guess that normal. :) I'll bring my auto for a car brake repair soon.


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