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TOYOTA Harrier 2.4 L Automatic 2006

This car also called Lexus RX.
The second generation of Toyota Harrier is present in Indonesia in 2003 until 2009, through the general importer (IU alias Built-up). Compared to its predecessor, this second generation more attractive, because it offers various additional features, such as the panoramic roof. And an electric trunk door. If the terms of look, this car is not out of date, moreover the cabin is wrapped with genuine leather and wood panels. To make feel at home in this car.

In terms of spare parts, you do not have any doubt as to its availability. Because many on the market, whether it is from the category of slow-moving or fast moving.
As to the complaint, none of which means, most simply in terms of the AC who often complained of their owners, it was because of lack of maintenance. And the problem just about the sound of a noisy air conditioner.

AC should keep in mind, in order to avoid the above problems. Such as performing routine maintenance on components of compressor, evaporator, and oil changes every 2 years.

Toyota Harrier data specification
these cars use a 2.4 L engine type 2 AZ-FEI VVT-I. by the number of cylinder 16-valve 4-cylinder, 2.400 cc engine capacity, fuel injection system, with a maximum power of 160 HP, 4 speed automatic transmission and Super ECT.

Advantages of this car, like having a wide cabin, and impressive luxury, and features inside the cabin are fairly complete. Also to the problem of spare parts, can be mutual substitution between other types of premium Toyota. If for the shortcomings, in terms of the trunk door components of the electric motor is often weak, as well as from some fast moving spare parts are still relatively expensive.

The cost of servicing this car.
For oil changes, this car is recommended at 7500 km, and when services do check the trap, especially the condition of bushings and steering rack are already weak, given the age of this car, and road conditions in the country rather worse. and the engine is basically the same as the engine Toyota Camry, there is a difference in the gasket, injector, and a few other items.

Fast moving price list of Toyota Harrier

Spark Plug: IDR 420 thousand / set
Oil filter: IDR 125 thousand
Air Filter: IDR 282 thousand
Fuel filter: IDR 1030 million
Front brake: IDR 1551 million / set
Rear brake: IDR 850 thousand / set.
Sources: Auto service. JL Letjen Suprapto Central Jakarta, Tel 021-4213335.

This article was sourced from Tabloid Otomotif no. 437 February 2012, with the change of my word. Hopefully this article on Used Car TOYOTA Harrier 2.4 L Automatic 2006 (Lexus RX) can be useful and beneficial to you, thanks wassalam...

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