Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Car oil change interval tips, what are the factors that influenced

Do you know how much distance and time to do oil changes for your car? Actually not only based on the from both things above, still corpulent factor who affect the interval replacement of oil in the car, such as distance traveled, the type oli, weather, the burden the vehicle, and character driving.

Under the guidance of an average car manufacturer, recommends oil changes at a distance of 5000 miles, or every 3 months. This applies whichever is reached first. The important thing is you have to follow the advice of the manufacturer, the type of oil that is suitable for your car, and the oil change interval.

Type of oil 
The use of oil Sintetic will extend oil change intervals, than the type of mineral oil. altough you have to pay higher prices for Sintetic oil type.

this case very influential, if car you not yet reached 3 months from previous oil changes but your mileage already reached of 5000 miles, immediately do replacement of oil. Do not delay because it will impact not good for your car's engine.

Hot weather also affects the quality of engine oil, due to hot weather will give added stress to the engine oil, in addition to the heat engine it self. If you drive in a hot area, it better if you advance your car oil change interval.

Vehicle load
definitely if you routine carrying a heavy load on the car, will give added stress to the engine, although oil changes mileage and the time has not been achieved, but if you routinely overload your car with a heavy load, immediately do oil changes.

Driving character
 this is very influential, if you type a relaxed driver, then your engine will be free from stress. but if you are like speeding driver, then it is definitely the engine of your car more often overburdened.Character you are driving is also a factor that accelerates the oil change.

Hopefully this tips about car oil change interval can be useful and helpful for you. thanks yours respectfully.

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