Thursday, July 12, 2012

Car Oil Leaks, What Are the Causes?

Surely you will be surprised, when you find your garage floor there are oil spills, originating from your car. Sooner or later this will happen to your car, especially if your car is less well maintained. Do not ever ignore this, because of small leaks, it would be great.

In addition, a reduced car oil will adversely affect the engine of your car. indeed, to detect the source of the leak is rather difficult, but as a first step, prior to check your car to the garage, you can check on some of the components below.

Oil Filter
This is often a common cause, what more if the oil change does not coincide with the replacement of oil filters, this is due to the rubber seal on the oil filter which is brittle. And also the installation of oil filters that are less precise.

Oil Drain Plug
These bolts may be loose, or damage occurs to the thread of the oil pan. So that the oil drain bolt is not tight anymore. If this happens you can fix the screw located on the oil pan. Or if its just a loose bolt, you can fasten it themselves.

Oil Filler Cap
These parts can also be a cause of leaks oil in the car, often it is less tightly closed, so that at the time the engine rotates, the pressure of the engine, will cause the oil to flow out.
Immediately check the parts on this one, and if there is damage, immediately make replacements.

Engine Gasket
These parts are the most common cause, it can happen because of the age factor of the gasket. Because the rubber which certainly has a limited lifespan, the solution is you can replace your car gaskets, for this job, you should seek assistance from your subscription service station, because quite complicated.

Hopefully this article on the causes of oil leaks on this car, it can be helpful and useful for you, thank yours respectfully

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