Friday, July 13, 2012

Tips to prolong car AC

How To prolong the life of your car air conditioner.

1. Never turn your air conditioner when the car at high speeds or at high rpm, because once the AC is turned on, air conditioning compressor will be connected to the engine. So if you turn the AC on high speed, it would be at risk of damaging the car air conditioner compressor. Always turn the AC on low speed.

2. Replace your car's air conditioner filter in accordance with the instructions manual of your car, do not wait long, because it will risk damaging.

3. Habit of turning on the AC at night, or during the day. usually in conjunction with resetting thermostat.
Mistake of car owners in general, to position the thermostat on the coldest position. Though relatively cold outside air (night or rainy). The effect is that the evaporator will freeze. and will mrusak your car air conditioner.

4. Blower fan, the other driver's habits is, sets the blower fan on the highest position, it does not matter in certain circumstances. For example, if you need a process of rapid cooling of the cabin. But if during the trip, you use the blower fan on the highest position, it will damage the fan components.

A few tips on how to maintain your car ac, hopefully these tips can be useful for you. Thank you yours respectfully.

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