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Car Crash Test Dummy

Crash test dummy
Cars with lots of stars on a new car test, New Car Assessment Program, must be one benchmark for prospective car owners, to determine the safety factor, of the car. In order to know the car would have crash test. But who is the victim? Crash Test Dummy, this thing meritorious, to find out the crash test results.

The first victim
Recorded, the first victim of a drive crash is Mary Ward, on 31 August 1869. He bounces when thrown off the steam-engine cars collide, to fell and died. Then again some of the victims lying in road traffic accidents.

Until the 1930's, began to think that the vehicle can be a deadly weapon for people who are on it. Then, the collision experiment was begun, but still uses the bodies of the dead, so there is no complete data of these results, the only visible marks of bruises or broken bones.

Subsequently, in order to obtain accurate results, even the volunteers were used as test materials. However, due to many factors, the trial was stopped with humans. Followed by an animal that does not get much different results.

In 1950's, began to do the test again using the dolls. First used for experiments on aircraft facilities, such as ejection seat, the impact on a helmet and other things. At that time, a doll for the test Sieera Sam named, made ​​by Samuel W, Alderson Research Lab of the company and Sierra Engineering Co.. When Alderson and Grumman was also made ​​to test the model airplanes and cars, eventually doll was developed for collision experiments at the car until today.

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