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Simple Car Battery maintenance tips

car battery maintenance
Battery is a vital component in the car, because it is cracked electrical current for automobile electronic components, such as starter motors, ECU and many other vital components.
car battery corrosion
 corrosion in car battery
This often happens is that car owners often leave the car in the garage with a long time, it is certainly not very good for car components, such as a car battery. If you leave your car in the garage long enough, it's good, do the maintenance of your car battery. Well as routine checks of the status of battery cars, starting from the terminal, fuses, wires, battery terminals is also a thing that should be done.

Yes it is mandatory, because the price of a car battery is more expensive. And of course if you do not want when you want to turn the car, the car did not want to start because of a weak battery condition. 


Many ways to do maintenance of car battery. you can do yourself, I give the following tips.

1. check the battery terminal. Make sure your car battery terminals tight, if loose, do the tightening battery terminal.
And if it is dirty do the cleaning with a wire brush, as a matter of course, if the battery terminal removing the crust, resulting from chemical reactions of the battery.

2. Also check your car fuse, if broken, do the replacement. And see if there is rust on the fuse, you must clean up the rust, Because battery electric flow can be disrupted.

3. for cars that are left long enough in the garage, you should warm up the car, once a week. It's better if you run a car, not just heat. Because by driving a car, then charging a car battery lasts optimal. Perform at least 30 minutes.

Things to consider when performing battery maintenance is: Use safety devices, because the battery contains chemicals that can be harmful to the body. Use gloves and goggles when you clean the crust that attach to the battery terminals.

1. Clean the battery terminals
loosen the bolts battery terminal. Loosen the negative pole first, to avoid sparks, and then disconnect the positive battery terminal.

Note the crust on the terminal or the battery clamps, use a wire brush and flush with hot water or soda on crusty parts. Once the crust off, wipe with a clean cloth to dry and this step are complete, you can replace your car battery.

At the first installation of this plug is the positive terminal and then negative terminal. Once installed you can provide a liquid penetrate such as WD 40, to reduce the incidence of crust on the battery. Not too hard was car battery maintenance.

2. Check the fuse box
usually the fuse box, or on the fuse, there is often a crust or rust, the same way as above, you can brush the crust with a wire brush. Crust found on the fuse, would inhibit the flow of electricity to the battery.

3. Check the battery position
Make sure the battery sits firmly in place, do not let loose, it shall give rise to excessive shake, which is not good for the battery.
Hopefully this article on car battery maintenance tips can be helpful and usefull for you, Thanks your respectfully.

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