Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 tips for saving fuel

Currently almost all vehicle manufacturers to design efficient engine products, with a fuel consumption rate are relatively economical. A wide range of engine technology is developed and applied. But that's not the only aspect that ensures its fuel-efficient vehicle. Your character in the driving is much more important, because most instrumental in saving the number of liters of fuel your car. Especially for those of you who have a car that pretty wasteful. So what needs to be done in order to achieve efficient use of fuel?

1.       Keep the engine rpm, the average gasoline engines work optimally at 2500-3000 rpm engine rpm where maximum torque is. Set the gearshift right on that number, if too high then the fuel is wasted, and if too low then the engine will lose torque, which causes the engine to lose power, so take the stamping on the gas, to increase speed.
The most efficient if you drove a constant rpm with the highest gear (top gear).

2.       Avoid excessive acceleration and braking. The principle is if we put the brakes on, it will need more engine power to restore to its original speed.
Therefore, calculated the conditions in front of you, and try to go as constant as possible.

3.       Keep your tire pressure. The tire pressure that less, will lead to increased car barriers. And also shorten the life of the tire; make sure the pressure is in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. Increment 2-3 psi and when to carry heavy loads or freeway driving.

4.       Use the engine brake. Especially for injection cars, it makes efficient when the brake. Because when the engine brakes, the engine computer (ECU) will cut off the flow of fuel into the engine.

5.       Make sure the engine condition excellent. Perform emissions test or you can check the condition of your vehicle to the workshop, to know the perfection of combustion. If necessary, improvements in the engine, and ignition, so that the combustion in the engine to be optimal.

6.       Make sure the brake gap is correct, if the gap between the disc and brake pad (brake) too tightly, or sticky brake, the wheel rotation is inhibited, the symptom the car feels a bit restrained, and certainly adds to the burden of vehicle.

7.       Avoid traffic jams. When the car stops, fuel consumption as it is, 0 km / liter, you burn fuel just to stop. So the more you avoid congestion points, the more economical in fuel consumption can be.

8.       Get a precision pump. As much as possible to refuel at gas stations that has an accurate measurement.

9.       Turn off the AC if it is not necessary. The AC Compressor gives considerable weight to the engine; turn it off if you are driving in the cool weather or at night.

10.   Keep stamping on the accelerator. Always stepped on the gas pedal gently. Tread too deeply will waste fuel excessively.

Hopefully this article about 10 tips to save fuel can be useful for you, thanks wassalamualaikum.

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