Thursday, July 5, 2012

TOYOTA AVANZA PARTS for other cars

Toyota Avanza, with a population that much, also have a common component that can be used on other cars, such as the alternator, rear wiper (rear wiper rubber) and air-conditioning compressor, wiper nozzles. These devices can enhance the aesthetic value but will also add functionality to the car that put these components.

Toyota Avanza have the original, in value IDR 1.5 million, and for junk parts from the Singapore, valued IDR 900 thousand. Fairly cheap price. Its application to the allotment for the Toyota Starlet, Toyota Great Corolla also Soluna. this is due to the dimensions and the ability to be in say above average for older cars before, can also be installed at the Toyota KIJANG 90's, and the first generation Avanza 2004-2005. For the price of IDR 800-900 thousand for junk parts but already in reconditioning. If a new IDR 1.5 million, and ask for the warranty to junk parts, and the price does not include the cost of mechanics.

All New Avanza has had enough spray to spread. This car belonged can be used for a Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Toyota Corolla Great, and the Toyota Soluna. For the price per unit IDR 40 thousand. In addition to a wide spray holder also has similarities with the above cars. So to put it, not hard, and if there is not much change.

this is a vital device to ensure the cold room cabin of your car; these parts can also be exchanged, with fellow Toyota another type, such as the Yaris, Vios, New Vios, Terios and Rush. At least there is a difference only on the pulley. When it comes to holder similar, for Cool Gear brand in value IDR 1.1 million.

one item is a component of a favorite among car owners who want to sweeten the look of the rear car. The many uses it is not the owner from the Avanza, but from the owners of Toyota Starlet and Suzuki Karimun. Rear wiper Avanza in selected because it has a fairly compact shape and easy installation.
For the price of one unit in value IDR 145 thousand, inclusive of the rubber.
And if the rubber has started to thin out, it can be just replace the rubber. And advice from the seller, for the installation must be careful, because easily broken.

This article was sourced from the Otomotif tabloid edition of 43: XXI February 2012. Hopefully this article on Donor Parts Avanza can be useful and helpful for you, Thank you Wassalamualaikum.

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