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problematic transmission of MITSUBISHI ETERNA

Mitsubishi  Eterna. Noisy gearbox and want to install the turbo.

This post is about the Mitsubishi Eterna. Problem in a noisy gearbox, and want to install turbo to the engine. Perhaps for those of you who experienced the same problem this post may help. Below is the question.

1. When the car use the second gear and want to shift gears into third gear, always accompanied by the sound  'teng-teng', such as metal being beaten. Although from the gear position 1 to 2, 3 to 4, not making a sound. But the noise arose when the car has been running for about two hours and when speeding. But if slowly, the sound is rarely heard?

2. Why the position of the gear 3, 4, and 5 there is a whooshing sound? And approximately how
Much it costs, and in Jogja can find where?

3. Why if the car is running slowly, the sound would disappear or subside?

4. Whether it's a sign of that worn transmission?

5. Whether it should replace with the new transmission?

6. Sound 'tap-tap' comes from the Lash adjuster. If allowed and not replaced, is there any negative effects on other components?

7. What is turbo that perfect for this car? For daily use only.

1. The transmission of this car is often sounded 'teng' or 'klang'. During gear shifting (already the default character).  
Symptoms appear when speeding or shifting very quickly. Likely cause hard shifting (switching gear extremely quickly when accelerating).
This Case Many occur in Mitsubishi Eterna, because the Engine character of high enough energy, and often used to drive very aggressively. Other than hard shifting, missing stamping on the clutch pedal is can be the cause.

Components that work hard are Synchromesh. Synchromesh can be damaged or worn result of such treatment. So that now seem a little hard to shift gears and sounded like that complaint above.
It can happen on one gear or several gears at once. Usually move to a low gear, 1 to 2 or 2 to 3, as it is experienced.

3. One way could be a way to reduce sound transmission oil change. Equate the oil with standard specification cars, but try the best.
 If not lost too, have to disassemble the transmission and replace the Synchromesh. Unfortunately, Synchromesh of this car also not many in the market. It must be extra patient to look for it....

4.And there is the possibility of this is due to worn on transmission components, and in this case the bearing of the axle. To fix it also have to disassemble the transmission.

5. New transmission. Replacing with the second transmission is an interesting option, can look for the transmission of sewage from Malaysia or Singapore. Because if the locale may have the same problem. For the price range of 4 million depending on condition and seller.
For in Jogja can search in Jln kalibayem Wates, also in Jln
sekar suri. Or to the Gerai Miming  Jl. golo gg. anyelir, tell 0274-376610

6. Lash adjuster if it is damaged, the performance certainly will not be maximized, because the valve was not correct. Like a car with the valves clearance that is not flat, engine performance is also so down.

7. Turbo Engine, Mitsubishi Eterna have engines equivalent of that are already using turbo. Same type that is used by Mitsubishi VR-4 (4G63). May use ​​from this machine because it is complete with manifold.
And because the internal components are standard, turbo boost would not be maximum, safest adjusted 0.5 bar or 7 psi.

For the range price, complete turbo plug with the ECU / piggyback setting, spend IDR 25 millions, so it may consider that replace with the whole VR-4 engines. With that similar price range, of the engine components that is ready for the turbo...

This article is a collection of consulting that come from Tabloid Otomotif edition 23 - October 2011, with the change of my word. Hopefully the article on, problem Mitsubishi Eterna,
noisy gearbox and want to install turbo can be helpful and useful for you... Thanks yours respectfully.

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