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Car Ceiling roof noisy when it rains HONDA JAZZ 2005 i-DSI.

HONDA JAZZ 2005 i-DSI.  Ceiling roof noisy when it rains

This posting about the HONDA JAZZ 2005 i-DSI, which has problems on the roof and the air circulation inside the car. Perhaps for those of you who experienced the same problem, this post may help.

1. Why ceiling roof noisy when it rains, and whether the types of Dampers that suitable, and at what price? The dampers can reduce the noise caused by rain.
Dampers that could be used the same with the dampers for audio. And a wide variety of commercially available.
But for the use on the roof of the car needs extra attention, because the roof can be very hot, when the sun bronzed. So you have to choose that heat-resistant.
On average, for the roof of the car can spend 10 sheets. And a range of IDR 150 thousand per sheet.

2. Why even have the air valve closed position smoke still entered into the cabin?
The main reason is the car air conditioning systems, usually can be felt when it was behind another car. It is necessary to check the air conditioning system. I.e. the Evaporator Blower, the devices have the tools to regulate outside air into the cabin or just cabin air circulating inside the cabin. System works mechanically, like a valve which is moved by the driver via the knob on the dash.

Knob and the valve connected with the linkage, and at the end of the linkage typically has a plastic bushing. So the movement of the linkage may be clogged, so that any movement of the valve may not be perfect, could be due to bulkhead valves that form foam on the evaporator is not tightly, or a plastic bushing is damaged.

However, if after the service still smell. Could have come from other loopholes. For example from the door, the lower deck, or firewall.  Smoke or odor might infiltrate from some parts of it, and this could have occurred due to deck fasteners or rubber cover. Also the rubber door damaged. As ever crash or the car salon that had a total dismantle the entire interior.
And focus also on the emergence of smell, so that the detection easier.

This article is a collection of consultacion sourced from the Otomotif tabloids, edition of 08-June 2011, with the change of my word. Hopefully this article on the problem HONDA JAZZ 2005 i-DSI ceiling roof noisy when it rains, and the odor / smoke entered into the cabin, can be helpful and useful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum ...

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