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Honda City 2005, Fog lamp and EPS problematic.

This posting about Honda City VTEC Automatic 2005. with problems at the Fog lamp, and the problem at the EPS (Electronic Power Steering). Perhaps for those of you who experienced the same problem, this post may help.

1.Why Fog lamp fuse, often broken?
if the fog lamp is often broken at the fuse, there is a short circuit of electric current. so that the fuse breaking, but the bulb is not broken.

For checking, can be started from fog lamp wire line. pay attention to the fog lamp wires, if there is disorder. the cable could have been pared, and lead the positive cable connected to the negative or the body. So as fog lamp is turned on, the short circuit occurs.
Also check the lamp socket, because the position of the fog lamp is under the bumper, it could be exposed to splashing water. even slightly submerged while crossing a puddle of water, it also can cause a short circuit.

2. what type of bulb that fits?
H 11 powered 35 watt is a suitable bulb.

3. Why EPS (Electronic Power Steering) feels heavy, although the tires pressure are normal, and EPS indicator does not blink?
do wheels-Spooring again at the car, because the wheels alignment angles setting that not good, can cause heavy steering wheel.

4. Is the CVT automatic transmission type, it is necessary to the drainage the oil, or just do the transmission oil change alone, without the need to be drained the oil?
Drainage is still needed at the this type of transmission (CVT), because there are still some components that holds oil, and not out when the oil removed through the Tap hole.
e.g. oil contained in the oil cooler and hose. by the transmission oil drainage, can be ascertained the rest of the oil drained and replaced with new oil.

5. Why when go through bad roads, wheels are so noisy, heared aduk-duk” sounds. But do not occur as it passes through a smooth road. And checks have been done at the; Support Shockbreaker, Arm Bushings, Tie Rod, Ball Joint, Link Satbillizer, and Shockbreaker. and declared good by a mechanic, so what other cause?
Make a check at the the steering system, because at the steering column there a connection or cross joint that can be damaged, causing noise when going through a bad road.
it is also related to wheel that feels weight (question No. 2). because if the cross joint is damaged, will make the steering heavy and restrained at one point.

This article is a collection of consulting that come from Otomotif Tabloid edition of 31. December 2011, with the change of my word. I hope the article on the problems of the Honda City VTEC AT 2005 that fuse Fog lamp, often broken, EPS (Electronic Power Steering) weight, CVT oil the drainage, The wheels are so noisy, it can be helpful and useful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum ...

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