Monday, June 25, 2012

Car Power Window Treatment

This post, about Power Window Treatment Tips.  Maybe for those of you who experienced problems with your car Power Window, this post may help.

First. How the correct power window treatments?
Power window treatments really easy and can done individually. Ensure that the glass rubber is not hard, and brittle. Which will make the movement up and down the glass so sluggish. This is the most easily accessible parts, and most need care.

Second. If the power window was already jammed, what steps can be done to normalize the back?
First. We must know the cause of jams. It could be the rubber is too sluggish. If so, simply by replacing the rubber glass only,  Do not wait until glass standstill. because it will affect the other components. for example motor rotation become heavy. so that the motor need bigger current for the normal spin, because it is often given a bigger current,  motors will get hot and eventually become damaged.

This article is a collection of consulting sourced from Tabloid Otomotif 03 May 2011 edition, with the change of my word. I hope the article about Power Window treatments can be helpful and useful for you .. Thank wassalamualaikum.

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