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Daihatsu Taruna FGX 2004 use 30" Maxis Bighorn tires

This post about the Daihatsu Taruna FGX 2004. Which want to use 30 " Maxis Bighorn tires, and use the ARB bumper, but the engine is still the standard.

this car also called:
Toyota Cami
Dario Terios (China)
Daihatsu Taruna (Indonesia)
Perodua Kembara (Malaysia)
Premier Rio (India)


1. Is it safe to change from Manual to Automatic Transmission, because the Cars will use Large-Sized Tires?
Is fine, replace the Transmission Automatic with big tires, provided always monitor the condition Automatic transmission oil.
Because the performance of Automatic Transmission, based on the hydraulic system. Without a good oil pressure, Automatic Transmission will not work optimally. Moreover, the use of large tires the power distribution must be efficient.
If Automatic Transmission less oil, and oil viscosity is reduced. Automatic Transmission will be a lot of slippage  and easily damaged.

2. Use of the automatic transmission, from what car to match. But does not change the other components, or not much change?
Unfortunately, there is no Automatic Transmission Gearbox that could attach directly to the Daihatsu Taruna transmission, both the engine of 1600 cc or 1500 cc.
if you want to install Automatic Transmission, you could make a bell housing adapter, so the transmission could coupled, with the back of the original engine Taruna.
And changes to be completely precise for maximum results (no vibrate and does not oil leak).

But there are some other changes which also determine the success of Automatic Transmission changes, such as resetting the Drive Shaft. Because the Automatic Transmission is rather long, the Drive Shaft needs to be shortened.

Also need additional oil cooler on the transmission. Because, automatic transmission oil pressure is high, making the temperature is high enough. And replacing the gear lever with the Automatic Transmission lever. And replacing the brake pedal a more broadly. Such as the, Automatic Transmission Car brake pedal.

This article is a collection of consulting that come from Otomotif Tabloid edition of 27. November 2011, with the change of my word. I hope the article on the problem Daihatsu Taruna FGX 2004, used tires 30 "with the standard engine, the transmission will change from Manual to Automatic Transmission. This can be helpful and useful for you... Thanks wassalamualaikum ...

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