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MAZDA 2 R Manual transmission Driving impression

Mazda 2 Type R Manual Transmission. This car was introduced in Indonesia in late 2009, and a minor change version. only on the audio system Changes. Mazda called the Smart Entertainment System (MSES). This audio system has many excellent features. The system is capable of playing formats like CD, MP3 or WMA. And touch screen head unit is also compatible with the navigation system. Expansion slots also available. Such as slot Aux-In, USB, MMC and also AV, also as a monitor for reverse camera and television. Which is great, you just operate it from your steering wheel.

Gear shift.  On this car, the location of the transmission lever is in the middle of the dashboard, so the hand did not have far to reach the transmission lever, and gearshift could be faster. Visibility, This is one of the advantages of this car, the shoulder line falling on the front, and the lower surface of the dashboard, resulting in a spacious view of forward. For the backward view, helped by the presence of large side-view mirror. But for the backward view, from the center mirror, somewhat less relief. because the car's rear glass is a bit narrow.

Storage place. Passengers quite spoiled because of the many storage area, which is present around the cabin. The fun, drawers equipped with loopholes, so we do not have to always open the drawer to enter the stuff, just inserted it.
Driving impressions. The first feels on car, the steering feels light, because of the Electronic Power Steering Assist, even though not as light as the All New Kia Picanto. Panel indicator of this car was simple, because of its small size, there are Multi-Panel Information Display (MID) that displays the odometer, trip meter, remaining distance with the existing fuel, and the outside temperature. Of course Helpful for you.

In terms of Engine Performance. Engine vibration when stationary almost imperceptibly. for the consumption of fuel in the city, this car can travel 11 km / liter. For the out of town can take 15-16 km / liter. This engine is quite responsive on middle and upper RPM, felt when the track number 3000 rpm, the engine seemed not run out of breath to approach the red line.

For The Suspension Character. Although equipped with a stiffer suspension and larger diameter wheels swing symptoms still felt when car running at 140 km/hour. so you need to be careful when driving at high speed corners.

Data Specifications.
Engine: 4 cylinder, DOHC S-VT (Sequential Valve Timing) ETC (Electronic Throttle Control)
cylinder Volume: 1498 cc
Front brakes: Ventilated discs
Rear brakes: Drum
Maximum power: 103 dk /6000 Rpm
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Fuel tank capacity: 42 liters
Empty weight: 1056 kg

This article was sourced from the Otoplus Tabloid Edition 23 28 NOV 2011 DES-4, with the change of my word. Hopefully this article about the MAZDA 2 R Manual Transmission can be helpful and useful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum ...

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