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All new KIA RIO Manumatic Transmission, Manual at once Automatic

All New KIA RIO Manumatic Transmission, Manual at once Automatic

All new KIA RIO. This is it a new car from KIA, not many new features added by the KIA. Only in terms of transmission of this car, which was named Manumatic (Manual at once Automatic), same as the HYUNDAI GRAND AVEGA which also has a transmission feature like this, the Automatic Transmission which featured Manual Transmission. When viewed in terms of appearance there is no change from Varian Manual, only the addition emblem A / T on the back, at right angles to this car as an identity.

Performance of the car is not much different from the Varian manuals, because the gear ratio is set on this car for final gear 4.375 Automatic Variant, while the Manual Variant 4.059. So far not felt the difference in terms of acceleration.

And about the gearshift ongoing smooth. Positioned at the Manual Transmission, gear 1 can reach 60 km / hour at 6000 RPM, and gear 2 can reach 110 km / hour also at 6000 RPM.
Car ECU is set to command Gearshift occurs at 6000 RPM, for the safety of the Engine and Transmission components. And for the highest speed can reach 160 km / hour, achieved simply by gear 3 at 5500 RPM. From the technical data of this car can reach 180-185 km / hour for maximum speed.

Fuel consumption 
Do not be surprised if the consumption variant Automatic Transmission is going to be more thirty than Varian Manual. But not much difference when compared.
Fuel consumption: Varian Manual: 12.98 liters in the city and 14.28 liters out of town. Automatic variants: 11.36 in the city and 12.195 liters out of town.

in terms of handling is qualified, though it still feels the shock when walking slowly on a relatively bumpy road. But the Car's suspension is quite stable if you're speeding and to devour the corner there is no unsteady phenomena of the Car, it even at high speeds.
To pamper the
passengers in the cabin are also a lot to offer several features, although this feature is no change at all with the version of the Manual. Differences exist only in the column of Transmission, and the information displayed on the MID screen. And in the car also features ABS, Head Unit which is equipped with Bluetooth, USB and AUX connection (iPod), Power windows, Electronic Power Steering, And there is also a power outlet as standard this car.

Specifications All New KIA RIO Manumatic
Engine: 4 cylinder in line DOHC VVT-i
Cylinder capacity: 1396 cc
Compression ratio: 10, 5:1
Maximum power: 108.5 Dk / 6300 RPM
Maximum torque: 138 kg-m / 4200 rpm
Transmission options: 4 Acceleration Auto / Manual
Front suspension: Mc Pherson Strut
Rear suspension: Torsion Coupled Beam
Front brake: Disc
Rear:  Drum

Hopefully this article on the All New Kia Rio A / T (Transmission Manumatic) can be helpful and useful for you.. This article was sourced from Tabloid Otoplus 27th edition 26 December 2011 - 1 Jan 2012 by changing the word from me. Thank wassalamualaikum ...

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