Thursday, February 23, 2012

HONDA STREAM 2.0 Automatic 2005

Honda stream 2.0 A/T 2005. This car is one of Honda’s flagships MPV. Comfortable well-known, also have a myriad safety features... It belongs to the best-selling car, with two engine options that is 1700 cc and 2000 cc. Loaded with high technology making this car has a large enough power. This car is stable when speeding especially on the highway.

This car was not free of problems. To note especially, link suspension sector that is often problematic. And if you want to buy used Honda Stream. You also have to be careful as it passes through a puddle or uneven road contours. Obviously because this car has a fairly low ground clearance.

In addition. The third row passenger seat was too small, and low if it sit by an adult, which eventually will get tired when a long trip. And for the maintenance of this car Automatic Transmissions are suggested to change the transmission oil per 40000 km.
And do not be surprised if the car's fuel consumption is a bit wasteful. Naturally, because this car's body is quite big.

Measuring Honda Stream service cost
Honda Stream is recommended for Service per 5000 km, in the First 10000 km the item serviced is, Engine Oil Change, Oil Filter and Washer Drain. With a budget price including the services of approximately IDR 650 thousand and the service menu is similar to that obtained when servicing 30 000 km, 50000 km, 70000 km and 90000 km, for the cost of service is the same.

Upon entering the major  service (40,000 Km) that need to be replaced i.e. Engine Oil, Oil Filters, Spark Plugs, Automatic Transmission Oil, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Radiator Coolant And Brake Fluid. Total costs and services around Rp1800000 and service menu is the same cost service as in the 80 000 km ...
Sources Honda Megatama Jl Raya No. 18 Kalimalang Jakarta tel: 021 8628888.

Data Spesification
Engine capacity: 2000 CC
Engine Configuration: 4 cylinder in line
Choice of transmission: 4 speed Automatic Triptonic
The interior is comfortable equipped with full security features
Responsive and Powerful engine
The suspension which a bit Frail
Fuel consumption which somewhat wasteful.

This article was sourced from Otomotif Tabloid edition 430, January 2012. By changing the word from me. Hopefully this article on the Honda Stream 2.0 A / T 2005 can be helpful and useful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum

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