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All New Toyota Avanza 1.5 G, more futuristic

All New of Toyota Avanza. This is the highly anticipated car and into the limelight. Finally launched by PT Toyota Astra Motor. This is the second-generation of Toyota Avanza, which is a continuation the Avanza, who was born seven years ago. Because of a major change models (MMC), was added to label this MPV All New Avanza (ANA). Not only that the variants are greatly increased, as well as new features were added in each of those types.
Arguably, All New Avanza is an improvement from the previous generation. Of course depart from the success of the previous generation which is still dominated the Indonesian car market.
Of the body seems still strong smell of Avanza. The main dimensions and body design which does not change much. Refreshment only the front (lights, bumper, grille, and hood), and rear (lights, baggage door, and bumper).
If the previously available three types of two engine options, and two types of transmission (Manual and Automatic). 1.3E (low type), 1.3G and 1.5S (highest type).  Now Toyota adding two new types which is the development of the previous. Exactly 1.3E, 1.3G, 1.5G and 1.5 Veloz.

All New Toyota Avanza 1.5.
Differences visible from the exterior especially the lower A-pillars, design of the rear side glass is different and longer, and bumper design and lights (front-back) changed.

The interior also got a touch, Example the dashboard design is unique, double-layer models, door trim, a more luxurious interior colors, and the second-row seats that can be sliding.
Rear seat backrest is divided into two (50:50), molded headlining roof (ceiling suspended models), tilt steering, and EPS (Electric Power Steering).

When getting into this car feels airy view of ahead due to the high seat position. And the interior feels spacious, because of the color beige and gray interior. This color seems to bring the airy atmosphere and of course wide windshield which also influential, as well as the dimensions of the car larger.

On this car, the door handle is also changing, from tipping models to the drag model, such as the Toyota Vios or Nissan Grand Livina, making it more comfortable.

Data Specifications

Dimensions (lxwxh): 4.140x 1.660x 1695 mm.
Distance between the wheel: 2.655mm
wheel distance: 1.425mm (front) and 1.435mm (back)
Ground clearance: 200mm
Transmission: 5 speed Manual (M / T), and 4-speed Auto (A / T)
Steering system: Rack pinion, the EPS, and Tilt Steering
Suspension: McPherson Strut with coil springs (front), and 4 link with lateral rod (rear)
Front brakes: ventilated discs
Rear brakes: Drum
Tire size: 185/70 R14 (1.3E and G), and 185/65 R15 (1.5G)
Engine type: 1298 cc K3-VE (1.3 E and G) and 3SZ-VE 1495 cc
Engine Configuration: 4 cylinder, 16 valve DOHC VVT-I
Maximum power: 92 hp / 6000 rpm (1,300 cc), and 104 rpm dk/6000 (1,500 cc)
Maximum torque: 116.7 Nm/4.400 (1,300 cc), 136.3 Nm/4.400 (1,500 cc)
fuel specification: Gasoline without timbale
Tank capacity: 45 liters

This article was sourced from: Tabloid Otomotif,  November 2011. With some changes of my words. I hope this article on the All New Toyota Avanza 1.5 G can be useful and helpful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum.     

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